Our Services

Reliable Custom Software Development


Web and Mobile Development

Web Application/Portals

Mobile Applications (Android and iOS)

Integration with existing systems already used in the organization

Migrating existing unreliable/buggy systems to a reliable and secure systems

Machine Learing/Big Data/Analytics

Custom API Development


Solution Architecture

Architecture design for your specific application needs

Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Distributed Systems


Training And Support

We conduct meetups, in-house training and also workshops in the areas of ...

Functional Programming (Haskell, PureScript)

React Native, React



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Technology Consulting

System Architecture


Prototype Development



Custom Software Development

Cloud Hosting and Maintenance

Software Maintenance

Integrated Analytics

Automatic Scheduled Report Generation and Delivery

Process Optimization


For Students, Professionals and IT Companies

Training in Functional programming (Haskell and Purescript)

React & React Native

Code Review


Technologies /Tools we use




Web Apllications

React Js (Responsive Applications,Faster Development,Components)

Javascript(Generated with purescript for Code Reliability,Reusability and Maintainability)

Mobile Apllications

React Native (Responsive Applications,Faster Development,Components)

Javascript(Generated with purescript for Code Reliability,Reusability and Maintainability)

Search Engine

Elastic Search


Haskell Servant (Solid,Reliable API Microservices)/ Java VM (Eta experimental)

NGINX (High Availability,Lightweight,High Performance web server and Reverse proxy)

Operating System


Container Technology



Workers and Queues

Report Generation

Sending Emails

Sending SMS/Browser/Mobile Notifications


Digital Ocean

Amazon Web Services

Applications we worked





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Our Clients

Teams we have worked with

Our Process

  • Requirements
  • Requirements Gathering through skype/Phone calls/face to face meetings
  • Prioritizing Requirements
  • Milestones
  • Backlog Management
  • Development
  • Sprint Planning
  • TDD/Requirements are converted in to tests
  • Development/Makes sure all the tests pass and no tests are broken
  • Code Review
  • Refactoring
  • Quality Assurance
  • Manual Testing against the requirements
  • Internal Demo (CTO)
  • UAT/Staging/User Approval
  • Production
  • We deploy automated tools to monitor systems and send alerts when things are not working as required
  • Backups are scheduled every day. Weekly and Monthly backups are also maintained
  • As and when the modules are developed they are deployed so that employees / customers /vendors can take advantage of the software built rather than waiting for the whole portal is developed and also feedback can be provided and new requirements can be added for further development.

Our Guarantees

Lower Cost of Ownership

Our solutions are cost effective than in-house development teams, we are able to achieve that through our set of technologies, code generation/automation tools, processes and training.

We use Open Source Software which reduces the licensing costs.

We use Open Source Libraries which enables us to get a deeper understanding of the libraries and also enables us to build on top of those libraries instead of waiting for commercial vendors to fix bugs or add required features.

Normally 80% of the developers time is spent in debugging and bug hunting. We work with Programming Languages, IDEs and Code generators which enable us to reduce the debugging time to a fraction.

Reliable Software

In the last 20 years of professional experience we have faced a lot of issues mainly due to the reliability of software and bugs in production which causes delays in operations and in some cases even abandonment of the whole software leading to loss of investment in software.

We follow TDD (Type Driven Development & Test Driven Development) where we define the requirements as code and then we write the code. Which enables us to make sure that one change doesn’t break other functionality. We run all the tests every time the software is built.

With our Functional Programming technology stack we straight away avoid many categories of errors during the development phase itself, leading to a much more reliable software.

With our process of “Requirements Documentation”, “Code review”, Refactoring, QA/Testing and Internal demo to CTO. We make sure that UAT process is smooth and software is reliable.

Maintainable Software

Changes are constant and new business requirements come up all the time and IT systems should be able to respond to those changes in a timely manner.

We focus on “Refactoring” the code such that it is easier to incorporate changes to the system in the later date.

As we follow TDD, we are able to make changes to the software rapidly without the fear of breaking existing features or functionality.


We build the software applications using Micro Services Architecture which enables us to both Vertically and Horizontally scale depending on the business needs.

Faster to market

We work with sprints so that people can start using the software right away rather than waiting for the whole things to be built

We focus on getting the working software in the hands of the users as soon as possible to get their feedback and also enable users to take advantage of the software right away.


A Few Words From our Customers

Lakshman Swamy

Varchas Foundations & Real Estates LLP

We were pursued by many ERP solution vendors, offering domain specific as well as generic packages. Frustratingly, none of them fit our requirements - they were either too expensive, required too much time and effort to adopt, or were using outdated technology/platforms.Atomic IT Solutions presented us just the right kind of solution. To do that, they immersed themselves into our day-to-day transactions, they understood the quirks and inconstancy of our business and they built a product, that was easy to use, easy to scale up and easy to maintain. Unlike most other "consultants", they fit the technology to the business, and not the other way around.It is to their credit, that we have not experienced any significant outages, in the few years since we deployed. Having gained immensely from the first & second phase of development, we now look forward to version 3 of Atomic IT's bespoke services.


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